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About me
Name: Calauz Radu Vasile

  • 2001 - 2002 : Univ. "Babes Bolyai", Cluj Napoca, Master degree in Computer Science, Section: Database in internet and electronic trade, with Paper disquisition: „PHP in electronic trade"
  • 1997 - 2001 : Univ. "Babes Bolyai", Cluj Napoca, Univ. of Computer Science, Paper diploma: „Creation of Controls ActiveX in Delphi" with application in Delphi.
  • jan. 2006 - aug. 2008: Executive Manager Information Technology Department, Ecommerce Corp. USA
  • oct. 2005 - dec. 2005: Executive Co-Manager, Information Department, Ecommerce Corp.
  • sep. 2003 - sep. 2005: Senior Web Programmer, Ecommerce Corp.
  • jan. 2003 - aug. 2003: Web Programmer, Ecommerce Corporation, Austria
  • sep. 2001 - dec. 2002: Project Manager (PHP+MySql) @ Psionic SRL
  • aug. 2000 - aug. 2001: Hardware Technician, Univ. Babes Bolyai, Cluj Napoca, Computer Science Department
  • 1999: I work like a voluntary in administer Unix/Linux in Univ. Babes Bolyai, to Centre of Communication
Knowledge: (in university)
  • Language:   Delphi, (Visual) FoxPro, Java , (Visual) Basic, Rational Rose, ASM, ASP, PHP, CGI, Microsoft Word, Access, CorelDraw, SQL, MySQL, Oracle, HTML, XHTML, XML
    C/C++, Pascal, Lisp and Prolog
  • OS:   MsDos, Novell (operation/administration), Unix/Linux (operation/programming/administration), Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/2000/XP (operation/administration), X-Window (operation)
  • Internet: XHTML, PHP, ASP, XML, CSS
  • Programming: Delphi, JavaScript
  • Network: Windows NT 4.0 (IIS 4.0), Windows 2000 (IIS 5.0), Windows XP, Linux (RedHat) Apache
  • Database: MySQL, SQL Server 2000, PostGreSQL, Access
  • Tools: CVS, Fusebox, Smarty, VmWare, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash, Adobe Photoshop
  • Technologies: OOP, ODBC, ADO, DAO, DOM
Professional activity: View Portfolio
  • 2004: co-author and technical reviewer for book, BEGINNING PHP 5 and MySQL E-COMMERCE, Apress, Nov. 2004 (eng.)
    "This book teaches you everything you need to know to start building your own e-commerce websites using PHP 5 and . The book covers every step of the design and build process, enabling you to build high quality websites . You can access the online version of TShirtShop, the e-commerce website you create in this book. The book assumes a basic knowledge of PHP 5 and MySQL."
  • 2004: I have installed and configured Romanian chess forum ( where i'm owner + Romanian chess mailing list, RoChess ( where i'm owner also.
  • 2003: I developed Romanian catalogue for domains name on the Internet ( )site with o lot of traffic, where are presented Romanian domains and statistics.
  • 2003: I developed Professional Chess Club (old ), Pennsylvania.
  • jun. 2003 until end of DMOZ project : ODP editor
  • oct. - dec. 2002: I created a complex shopping cart web site, Elanko (old )
  • 2000 - 2001: Website for a professional player in GO, my friend Cornel Burzo: Go Lessons (old )
  • 2000 - 2001: I created a web site for a radio station.
  • 2000: Project for university, written in Delphi5. (6 developers)
  • Add-on for TextPad Editor. (30 April 2002) PHP / HTML Syntax definition file which adds (TextPad Standard) HTML syntax highlighting, to a PHP source file. (Details on
  • Chess (title: CM) (component national team, juniors II and III in 1993 and 1995), Computers, GO (9k), Snooker, Table tennis.

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